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Shell was utilized by prehistoric peoples for a variety of functions including ornaments, hoes, beads, drinking cups, spoons, scrapers, shredders and small containers.


The term ceramics includes all artifacts that are modeled or molded from clay and then made durable by firing.  Ceramics include pottery, figurines, musical instruments, and spindle whorls.


Fauna includes the animal remains such as bone and teeth that are found in an archaeological context.

 chipped stone

Chipped stone is a type of lithic technology that involves fracturing or flaking stone.  Chipped stone is the oldest preserved form of culture and technology.

 ground stone

Ground stone is a type of lithic technology that is based on pecking and grinding or polishing stone.

The definitions were modified from Ashmore and Sharer 1996.

Ashmore, Wendy and Robert J. Sharer.  1996.  Discovering our Past - A Brief Introduction to Archaeology.  Second Edition.  Mayfield Publishing Company, Mountain View.




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