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Mission Statement

The mission of the Archaeological Research Center is to create, enhance, disseminate, and preserve knowledge of past populations who inhabited regions of the North American Great Plains, Central and South America, and Europe through archaeological research, scientific discovery, education, curation, and public service.

Core Values
In addition to supporting the core values of The University of Kansas, the Archaeological Research Center is guided in its mission by the Society for American Archaeology’s Principles of Archeological Ethics. These principles are embodied in seven commitments: stewardship, outreach, publication, preservation, training, accountability, and professionalism. The ARC promotes a dynamic intellectual environment, energetic student engagement, and advanced research. We actively contribute to the University’s mission and goals.

The University of Kansas Archaeological Research Center aspires to be a nationally recognized center for archaeological research emphasizing interdisciplinary excellence and a regionally acclaimed curation facility promoting best care standards

Strengths of the ARC:

  • Reputation for high quality research and teaching in the Department of Anthropology and related disciplines
  • Extensive systematic collections, accessible for research and teaching
  • Excellent working relationship and support with KU faculty from various departments
  • Comprehensive comparative collections of Plains lithic, faunal, and floral resources


Mission Goals
The Archaeological Research Center has established several goals that reflect the mission statement and provide direction for a course of action in adhering to the mission.  These goals are:

  • To advance research and scholarly enterprise related to worldwide and North American Plains archaeology, and to promote graduate and undergraduate student participation and research.
  • To strengthen and expand partnerships with public or private constituencies to advance understanding and appreciation about the human past and stewardship of archaeological resources.
  • To recognize and illuminate the human diversity inherent in prehistory and history as manifested in the archaeological record and to use that record for greater inclusion and participation of professionals and the public.
    • To strengthen the ARC’s intellectual and cultural vitality within the University of Kansas and throughout.

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